If you've been down Main Street in Toms River recently, you may have noticed that 207 Main Street, which has been a popular cafe for both high school students and downtown workers for years, is now empty.

The small space was Nancy's Midtown Cafe for years, and was always packed with hungry students looking for a quick lunch. Not long ago it changed ownership and became A Thyme For All Seasons.

But on my way to work earlier this month, I noticed that the sign was gone, the building was empty, and a "Cafe/Deli For Sale or Lease" sign was in the window.

207 Main Street in Toms River (Photo by Justin Louis)
207 Main Street in Toms River (Photo by Justin Louis)

Just on the heels of the closing of Island Creole Kitchen, I first thought that a string of bad restaurant luck was going through downtown Toms River.

I figured that the prudent thing to do would be to take a look at Facebook to try to gather more information about what happened.

And I'm glad that I did!

It turns out that what happened is just the opposite of going out of business - A Thyme For All Seasons hasn't closed, it just moved.

At the beginning of September, they moved just steps away to a new and bigger location at 63 Main Street.

It's good to see that a local restaurant is not only thriving, but growing, too!


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