Back in February I wrote about my experience taste testing Toms River's Island Creole Kitchen.

Today, however, the restaurant appears to have ceased operations.

The prime location, right on the corner of Main and Washington Streets, the former home of the Java Joint and Meanbean Burritos more recently, was serving up a unique fusion of Haitian and Jamaican cuisine with a family touch.

The food was totally unique to Toms River, and the husband and wife owners couldn't have been friendlier when they took the time to tell me about their food and their roots, and how both are at the heart of their cuisine.

I noticed earlier this summer that a note in the window said that they were closed for repairs, but when I walked by today the neon sign that was in the window had been removed, and the counter and walls were bare.

I sent an inquiry to a source with knowledge of the local business landscape, who confirmed to me that the restaurant is indeed, "closed for good".

I also have a note out to the owners seeking comment, and I'll update with information from them as soon as I hear back.

In the meantime, I'll of course keep an ear out and let you know as soon as I hear what's coming next!


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