Once again I am saying goodbye for a period of time as tomorrow I will have surgery for the fourth time in the last 25 months.  Unlike the first three which were related to my spine this one will result in my right hip being replaced which has been causing me extreme pain since the spring.  There are days in which walking is as challenging as completing the New York City Marathon only with added pain and discomfort.  Fortunately this has not impacted sitting, sleeping or driving…a small consolation.

I’m not sure if the hip issue is related to my spine surgeries as the most recent took place in July and to be honest I am not fully recovered from that because I had to cease physical therapy because it was very uncomfortable.  In reviewing an x-ray my doctor said that my hip was like a flat tire on the rim…bone-to-bone.  By the way he also said my left hip was not much better and would likely need to be replaced by next summer…just more good news.

I have been assured that hip replacement surgery has come a long way and the current procedure no longer requires them to go in from the rear and cut through muscle.  In most cases you go home the same day although I am staying over one night because I have had so many recent surgeries.  I’m assured I will walk out of the hospital.

The recovery is expected to be around three weeks and if all goes well the rehab will consist of walking only which would then allow me to focus on my back.  I hope to be sharing my thoughts with you again right after Thanksgiving.

Hip Hip Hooray!

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