From parks to beaches and special events and so much more, Berkeley Township from the mainland and Bayville section to the South Seaside Park section is a summer friendly destination for you and the family.

To help us break it all down, Berkeley Township Mayor Carmen Amato was a guest on 'Shore Time with Vin and Dave' on 94.3 The Point and 105.7 The Hawk on Sunday morning.

One of the biggest, most anticipated summer activities this year in Berkeley Township is the Summer Concert Series.

"We have some great bands coming back from the previous years," Mayor Amato tells Townsquare Media. "Our concerts are free, we work all winter long getting sponsors to pay for the entertainment because 100-percent of the entertainment is paid for by the donations, no tax dollars, so, we're pretty proud of that."

There are a whole lot of great local bands who will be taking the stage at the Summer Concert Series in Berkeley Township.

"Opening night is Wednesday June 29 -- we have 'Rock N' Rhythm' coming, they're a vocal group with a traditional doo-wop sound, they've been in our concert series for the last 10-years and we're excited.

(and they're followed by) 'Super TransAm' which is an arena anthem band that plays a lot from the 70's. If you like Queen, Foreigner, Journey -- you're going to have a great night and since we're so close to Independence Day, we're going to do Fireworks that night.

July 20, which is Wednesday night, 6:00 -- the 'Jukebox Legends' -- they're a great local band, all local people, in fact, Joe Leo, the leader of the band actually lives in Berkeley Township -- we're excited about that, they play the 50's and the 60's.

End of the night, we have 'Wanted DOA', a Bon Jovi tribute band -- all those Bon Jovi fans will all be excited about that.

Wednesday, August 3, which is our annual 'Night Out Against Crime' and we're really excited about that because that's when we bring out all the police, the first aid, Sheriff's department, security, and all of the equipment is displayed and all the school children get to interact with the police and it's just a wonderful night. And of course, we have to have entertainment -- 6:00, we have 'Gerard Esposito' who is an Atlantic City headliner and is followed by 'Jukebox Heroes' -- they play from the Beach Boys, Neil Diamond, Jerry Lee Lewis, Willie Nelson.

August 13, that's a Saturday night -- this is our annual Beach Party on White Sands Beach over in South Seaside Park. We used to hold it on Wednesday's but we figured with the weekend crowds, we'd do it on a Saturday night and we usually get a really great crowd for that. The band that we're playing is 'The Verdict' -- reggae band that creates a lot of fun and excitement.

Wednesday the 17th, we have 'Julian & Dominique' who are individuals of 1,000 voices and they sing everything from Alicia Keys to Lady Gaga, Black Eyed Peas, Johnny Mathis, Barry White, and many more.

And this is something that we haven't done -- we haven't had an Elvis tribute in a very long time, so we're excited to have 'Jesse Garron's Tribute to Elvis' that night.

We finish it (the summer concert series) with our Berkeley Founder's Day, Berkeley Community Day on Saturday September 10 and that runs from 2:00-9:00 and then we have groups that play on that night -- 'Stilleto and the Sax Man', a husband and wife duo that do doo-wop, they do Rat Pack, popular songs and then to close it out, we have the British Invasion -- 60's musical revolution with hits from both sides of the Atlantic, more than just the Beatles. We finish it off with fireworks."

One of the other things to look forward to this summer is a series already underway and that's the Berkeley Township Farmer's Market.

"We usually just ran it during the day on Tuesday's but this year it will be on Tuesday's and it will also be on Thursday night," Mayor Amato said. "Some of the vendors had to get out early so they couldn't stay later so what we did is we made it from 10:00 to 3:00 on Tuesday's and from 4:00 to 8:00 on Thursday nights so those working individuals who couldn't get out of during the day will have an opportunity to at night. (There are) some new vendors -- some old vendors, unfortunately, retired and are not in the business anymore, so, if there's anybody out there who has any uniqueness and wants to be part of our farmer's market, please give our recreation department a call. We'd love to have you as part of our Summer Farmer's Market."

You can listen to the full conversation Dave Crossan and I had with Berkeley Township Mayor Carmen Amato on 'Shore Time with Vin and Dave', right here.

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