SINCE MY FAVORITE CHEESE SHOP CLOSED DOWN, I haven't been able to find one as good as The Cheese Cave If you're anything like me, I love cheese.

How about a grilled cheese? I know simple, but it brings back memories of childhood and a delicious lunch with cheese, bread, and don't forget about the butter.

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I remember this great cheese place in Monmouth County called The Cheese Cave. Do you remember it?

It was all about their grilled cheese sandwiches, they were the best I've ever had. Yes, grilled cheese is easy to make and usually on the kids menu, but what about the fabulous eatery that makes a grilled cheese that will just amaze you. It was sad to see this place close after the pandemic. Well they closed in 2022 in Red Bank.

Remember this:

The Cheese Cave Facebook Page
The Cheese Cave Facebook Page

And remember this, The Cheese Cave's Cheese & Charcuterie boards

The Cheese Cave Facebook Page
The Cheese Cave Facebook Page

I'm so searching for a cheese shop like this one in Ocean or Monmouth County. I just loved this place so much and I wish it wouldn't have closed.

When The Cheese Cave Closed, this is from The Cheese Cave Facebook Page:

I opened the shop with the mission to bring great cheese and personalized service to the community. We strived to do that from the very first day we opened and you embraced that mission. We became acquainted with all of you. We saw couples coming together and families grow through the years. It was incredibly gratifying and fulfilling to be a part of a community and call you not our customers, but our friends. The shop was our home and we saw everyone that walked through our front door as a guest in our home. We hope you felt that way too!

I always wanted to tell the owner, it was the best place and "thank you". But I'm still searching for another cheese shop like this one. Anyone know of a great one???

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