There are a few things that have truly achieved cult-like popularity in the American culinary world.

People will travel when the first inklings of the McDonald's seasonal favorite Shamrock shake start to spread.

The Popeyes chicken sandwich started a sensation in recent years.

But few make Americans drool quite like the McDonald's McRib sandwich.

In the past, the fast food behemoth has been coy about when and where you could find a McRib (and for how long), which led to McRib road trips, a burgeoning second hand market, and probably even more than a few instances of people stuffing themselves silly when they actually came across a location that was doling out the sandwich with the saucy slab.

Well, if you're a McRib fan, this news will come as a welcome piece of information - McDonald's is looking to make 2020 a little less awful by making the McRib available everywhere.

Yes, you read that right, no more spending more on gas than you're spending on lunch, bribing friends to stand in line, or packing your fridge full of as many McRibs as you could carry back home.

The Press of Atlantic City reports that the McRib will hit the menus of all 14,000-plus American McDonald's locations on December 2nd.

That's a Wednesday this year, by the way, so if you plan to dip out of the office to get one of the first McRibs of the season, at least you won't have to disappear from work for too long to find one.

You can read more by clicking here for the Press of Atlantic City's article.

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