It's interesting to me to think of having your groceries delivered as something cutting edge and state of the art. Of course in the past, having a clerk from the local grocery store deliver your goods for the week wasn't out of the ordinary at all.

But now with online ordering and mega-retailers in the game, grocery delivery is indeed state of the art these days.

I see the Stop & Shop "Peapod" delivery truck driving through my neighborhood a number of times a week. And now online giant Amazon is getting in on the game too with "Amazon Fresh".

While Peapod delivery is available throughout Ocean County, Amazon Fresh coverage is still spotty at the moment.

Through entering different ZIP codes, I found that Amazon Fresh is pretty hit and miss in Ocean County.

It seems to be available in most of Brick, parts of Long Beach Island (it's a "yes" for Beach Haven, but a "no" for Manahawkin), but not for most of Toms River, Bayville, or Forked River, which are just a few of the Ocean County communities that I spot checked.

I've got kind of mixed feelings on the whole concept. I of course like the idea of not having to go out, deal with parking lots and checkout lines to do my grocery shopping. But I also like being able to pick out my own produce.

And of course there are those impulse buys.

Sure, I might not need a carton of mint chocolate chip ice cream, but if it's on sale you'd better believe that it's coming home with me!

Have you used any of the grocery delivery services? If so, which? Did you like them? Comment below and let us know!


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