When you talk about "the worst disco song ever" there's a lot to choose from. Of course on the Jersey Shore Flashback Weekend we have some of the better disco tunes from you, from artists like Donna Summer, Lipps Inc, and Vicki Sue Robinson. But when it comes to bad disco, we can go on and on (anyone want to do "The Hustle"?).

But this one that my friend Hunter called my attention to might take the cake. It's from a German artist who went by the name Penny McLean (real name, Gertrude Wirschinger), who actually had a #1 hit in the US in 1975 as a member of Silver Convention with "Fly, Robin, Fly". But take a look at what she did as a solo act. "Lady Bump" is certainly no "Fly, Robin, Fly".

Make sure you watch far enough to get to the chorus and turn your speakers up so you can get it stuck in all your co-workers' heads for the rest of the day...enjoy!