It is just over a month until Halloween 2022 and this year it falls on a Monday night, so let's take a look at this year's schedule, especially for Toms River. What makes Toms River special, when it comes to Halloween "trick or treating" is that the annual Halloween Parade changes the actual night for "trick or treating". If you have lived in Toms River for any length of time, then you are well aware of the change.


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Toms River is home to one of the largest Halloween parades in America and every year thousands attend the annual spooky parade. Look for Townsquare Media in this year's parade once again. Toms River Fire Company #1 will once again host this year's parade on Halloween Monday, October 31st. The parade gets underway at 7 pm. This year's parade will mark the 83rd edition of the Toms River Halloween Parade.
 Nick Fewings Nick Fewings



Due to the parade falling on a Monday, local officials have decided to have "trick or treating" in Toms River on Sunday, October 30th. According to a recent Patch article, Toms River Mayor Maurice Hill said. "We want children to come to the parade with their families on Halloween but still enjoy the time-honored tradition of trick-or-treating."

Toms River Police Chief Mitch Little says "While there is no official curfew in Toms River, all trick-or-treaters will be asked to be off township streets by 9 p.m."

Residents are asked to remember children will be out and about in Toms River on Sunday, October 30th so watch for kids and try to leave extra lighting on to keep neighborhoods lit for "trick or treaters". Karsten Winegeart Karsten Winegeart


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