It's one of the eeriest compounds that many of us will ever see. It has a lengthy history of violence and mystery. It's a ghost hunter's dream location to investigate.

Tomorrow, I'll be heading into Philadelphia to check out one of the world's most notorious lockups - Eastern State Penitentiary.

The massive stone complex was opened in 1829 and has housed some of the country's most infamous criminals - including "Scarface" himself, Al Capone.

Eastern State is open to the public and you can tour it at your leisure during the day (which I highly recommend). But going there on a paranormal investigation in the dead of night (pun intended) is a whole different ball of wax. I'll be going with a group from Asbury Park's Paranormal Books & Curiosities.

Am I prepared? As prepared as one can be I guess. My equipment is all charged up and ready to go, I've signed the required waivers, and I've got plenty of layers to keep me warm.

Am I mentally prepared? Well, I've been to some pretty scary places. But I've never been to such a massive, historic, and frankly, violent location.

I can tell you this much - I'll have plenty of pictures to share after the fact, and maybe even some audio clips. Stay tuned next week for the report!