I have heard several local business owners say that from now til labor day can "make or break" a lot of them, which makes it so important to support our local companies. This past weekend we saw many affected by the Government shut-down.

Here are some comments we saw on social media since last weekend ....

Lots of people I know lost a lot of revenue by the closing of IBSP ~ Gail 


I feel sorry for the businesses that will lose money ~ Barbara 


What a terrible blow to small businesses ~ Lee


Businesses along the road to Island Beach probably lost money and that's not OK ~ Gale 


Not one word about the State employees that lost 4 days pay or the vendors that lost income from the 4th of July weekend ~ Jackie 


So with a pretty good forecast for the weekend, get out and invest in the Jersey Shore. I know that I will be!

Lets share this post and remind folks to enjoy their weekend and at the same time .... support our local businesses! We all benefit from that.

Give a LOCAL business a shout-out for the weekend.

More now than ever we need to have each others back and support one another.