This is so much fun!  Are you familiar with "Booing"?

If you have kids between the ages of 8 and probably a teenager, I'm sure you know what it is.  You probably had to buy the candy and be a part of the getaway.

It is something we look forward to every year.  Abby and her friends love it.  We've been doing it for several years now and make it an annual tradition.  The girls get their bags all ready, fill them with candy, and attach this friendly note to it:

Sue Moll, Townsquare Media
Sue Moll, Townsquare Media

Then grab the bags and head to the car!  Drive around to all of the friend's houses, ring the doorbell, drop the bag by the doorstep, and run!  We have such a good time doing this.  The other Mom and I laugh and laugh the whole time, watching our little ones running their little hearts out and hiding in bushes so they don't get caught.

Last night, Abby got "Booed" and she was wondering all night, "Who did it"?  It's so much fun!

Did you ever get "Booed" or did you ever "Boo" anyone?

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