It's the biggest show on television and it returns this weekend. Game of Thrones has its season premiere this Sunday night on HBO and I'm wondering: is the Jersey Shore ready?

Not only is it the season premiere, but it's also the final season of GOT.

My son Zach and I have been big fans since the beginning and are excited for its return. Even though he is out on the west coast, I'm sure we will be on the phone recapping each episode.

I do admit I'm going to go back and watch the last few episodes from last season to catch up on all the storylines, this way I'm ready for Sunday.

Who is YOUR favorite character on Game of Thrones? Mine is Tyrion Lannister played by actor Peter Dinklage. Peter was born in the same town as I, Morristown. Who knows, maybe in the same nursery at Morristown Memorial Hospital! Yes, the Lannisters have Jersey roots!


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