Ugh!  What is it about the human brain that makes us do things that we know are not good for us.  Case in point, I was out Saturday night having a great time at a restaurant with live music.  The meal was delicious.  The dancing was fun.  Then, feeling festive, I ordered a piece of chocolate layer cake.  And it did me in, ruining what was turning out to be a really great night.

I don't know if it was the chocolate, the sugar, or the fats in the recipe but that cake did not love me the way I loved it.  Too bad.  It's actually the third time I've suffered a bad reaction after eating that kind of restaurant cake so I need to learn my lesson and not order it ever again.

Some of my friends have a bad reaction to greasy foods, coffee, and even some herbal teas!  What's something that you enjoy but try to stay away from?




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