Honestly, we have the best beaches. It doesn't matter which beach you head to, the sand, the ocean, it's an awesome feeling and where we live - you can't match it. And, I can usually find great shells wherever I go.

Yes, we have to deal with a lot of vacationers coming to our towns and filling up our roadways, but we have what they all want.

jitkaunv, getty stock, thinkstock
jitkaunv, getty stock, thinkstock

I appreciate the fact we see the most gorgeous sunrises right here in Seaside Heights on a beautiful warm Friday morning. Or we see the best sunset sky in Pt. Pleasant Beach on a random Wednesday evening. Or possibly taking an amazing stroll on the Asbury Park Boardwalk, I love it.

Whether you visit our beach in the summer, spring, fall, or winter you will love it. Sea shelling is a major hobby for several and any season is a great season for hunting for the perfect sea shell.

I think there's always been a little bit of competition between Monmouth County beaches and Ocean County beaches that extends down south and further north, also. If you are to ask someone that lives in Brigantine and someone that lives in Seaside Park, they'll always choose their beach as the "best". And, it's the truth.

In a recent article from onlyinyourstate.com, this beach in Monmouth County wins for the best sea shelling in New Jersey and at the Jersey Shore.

What New Jersey beach is the best for sea shelling?

It's Bayshore Waterfront Park in Port Monmouth. It's a charming little beach if you've never been there close to Sandy Hook. You can not miss out on this adorable "shell" beach if you love sea shelling or if the family loves to check out shells and collect them.

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