Two man-made lagoons in Brick, that had become party central, are reopening to boaters this weekend.

F Cove in Brick (US Fish & Wildlife Service)

According to, the 'F' and 'T' Coves, shut down over a  year ago by Federal Fish and Wildlife officials, have agreed to allow access on a trial basis as long as Cove visitors comply with rules in the wildlife refuge prohibiting loud music, littering and keeping the channels clear, among other things

There was a question over who had jurisdiction of the man-made lagoons off the Barnegat Bay, the State or Federal Government. Wildlife officials last year said the lagoons were a part of the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge where recreational boating is not a permitted use.

However, it appears that the State was able to convince officials that the waters within the coves were state property and not subject to federal access restrictions.

The F-Cove had long been a popular place for residents and vacationers but it was also becoming hot-spot for young revelers drawing D-J'S, drug and alcohol fueled parties and all the trouble that came with it. It was even featured on an episode of MTV's "Jersey Shore"

Wildlife officials say there will be increased patrols by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service law enforcement, the New Jersey State Police and Brick Township Police.