While at the sink washing dishes yesterday, I noticed a family of groundhogs in my backyard.  The large one was clearly Mama Groundhog and the 5 furry little ones were her tots.  Together they were eating all the tasty stuff they found out there on my lawn and flower beds.  When my dog discovered them...in HER backyard...she made quite a scene.  Barking, howling, and "Aroooooo"ing until the critters all scurried away.  (Taylor was inside the house, mind you, but her racket was so loud, I'm sure the groundhogs heard her and ran for cover.)

I mentioned to my friend how TaylorDog was really annoyed by the uninvited guests.  My friend commented that her dog would probably have had the groundhogs "for lunch."  That got me wondering, what the heck might Taylor do if she came face to face with wildlife.  If left to their own devices, if she were roaming free and came upon a groundhog, would there be a battle?  Who would win?  Same question goes for rabbits.  And foxes.  And skunks.  And what about the deer that sometimes hang out at our place?  They are much larger in size, but would they actually want to eat my dog?  And what would my dog actually do if she ever got a hold of another animal?  I pray that I never find out!

Actually I hope that none of your fur babies has ever had trouble with wildlife but if there WAS an incident that you're willing to tell us about, please do in the Comments section.


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