It was just Groundhog's day and he didn't see his shadow, we want spring.

Although he didn't see his shadow, seems like we will have more of a winter than we are expecting.

Could we actually see snow closer to spring, it's a possibility.

According to Paul Pastelok, AccuWeather Veteran Meteorologist:

It could come in like a lion in the East. We may have a pretty stormy pattern from late February to the start of March." However, he warned that it won't be the case across the entire country.

Several towns in New Jersey did have snow this year, a little different than last year but will we get more snow. According to this AccuWeather meteorologist, we are not out of a possible snow storm coming our way before we se spring.

Check this out, here's what Paul Pastelok, Meteorologist says about a possible storm on the East Coast. 

grzegorzkieca, getty stock, thinkstock
grzegorzkieca, getty stock, thinkstock

The East Coast and New Jersey should expect to possibly see snow at least for a half of March. There is a chance of snow that needs to be shoveled and maybe some more snow days for schools.

After the weather pattern through March, the weather pattern should flip and the risk of that snow fall in the Garden State will diminish. I say come on spring. It's not necessarily the snow, it's the cold and the darkness around dinnertime that always gets me.

It is nice, each day it stays a little lighter later than it did a month ago, thank goodness.

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