Last week, we gave you 9 sure signs that you grew up in Toms River. Our friends in the "Growin' Up in Toms River" Facebook group responded with DOZENS of other legitimate signs you're from the area.

Take a look at some of the most popular responses: 

  • You remember when Route 37 was only two lanes
  • You remember 25 cent movies at the community theater
  • You call it pork roll, not Taylor ham
  • Your friends are made of Giants, Jets, Eagles, Cowboys, and Steeler fans
  • You got your fishing license from Bob Kislin's
  • Summer meant trips to Rainbow Rapids, the Log Flume, and clandestine swims in Sarco Lake
  • You got your letter jacket & gym suit at Wallach's
  • You were an Indian, Mariner, Raider, or Griffin
  • You took your driving test at the Armory off Oakridge Parkway
  • You went sleigh riding at the Country Club
  • Going to the 50 cent beach in Berkeley/Seaside Park
  • Swimming at Money Island
  • You worked on the boardwalk
  • You had your yearbook pictures taken at Peskin-Goldman on Main St
  • You've had disco fries at the Toms River diner at 2 am
  • You went to the skating rink on Route 70 every Saturday night
  • You remember Bey Lea Farm...with cows and all
  • You remember when the Seaside Bridge was wooden.....and two lanes
  • You remember Woolworth's
  • You had a library card for the Bishop Memorial Library
  • You remember the Drive-In on Route 37
  • You remember concerts at the bandshell
  • Going to Grants in the Toms River Shopping Center
  • You remember Pizza Clown in Silverton
  • You remember the Thanksgiving Eve bonfire after the Toms River pep rally
  • You waited hours on James St. for inspection

So there you have it. Believe it or not, there are TONS that we still missed. What things do YOU remember from growing up in Toms River?

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