Accounting for over 52 square miles of land and a population of 91,000, Toms River, New Jersey is a melting pot of people, places, and memories.

Many pass through Toms River for business or summertime fun, but only those who grew up in town are familiar with all of these signs.

A special thanks to the "Growin' Up in Toms River" Facebook group for helping to put this list together!


  • 1

    You Or Someone You Know Knows Frankie Edgar

    You either went to high school with the former UFC Lightweight Champion, or know someone that went to high school with him, or know someone that knows someone that went to high school with him.

  • 2

    You Remember The Beasts From The East

    If you don't know Frankie Edger, you probably know (or know someone who knows) Todd Frazier, or another member of the Championship Toms River East Little League team. We'll always remember the 1998 Little League World Series winners.

  • 3

    When Someone Asks What High School You Went To, You Answer With A Direction

    North, South, East, West... okay, maybe not West, but state any of the other directions and everyone immediately knows what you're talking about.

    *And if your answer isn't a direction, it's simply "MonDon" (or Donovan Catholic, depending on your age).

  • 4

    You Remember Toms River Fest

  • 5

    Trick or Treating Is Always The Day Before Halloween

    Billed as the 2nd largest Halloween parade in the world, the annual Toms River Halloween Parade always take place ON Halloween and is so popular, that it forces trick-or-treating to move to different dates in Toms River and surrounding towns.

  • 6

    You've Driven By The Amityville Horror House

    Do you like scary movies? While this popular horror movie took place on Long Island, the house used in the actual filming was located right here in Toms River. Check out what it looks like today.

  • 7

    You Remember Dover Township

    Ask a kid today and they won't know what you're talking about, but Dover Township comprised a large amount of present-day Toms River. It wasn't until Election Day, November 7, 2006 that Dover officially became part of modern-day Toms River.

  • 8

    You've Spent Half Your Life Trying To Cross Route 37

  • 9

    You Remember The Dover Mall

    Bradlees, Old Time Tavern, the movie theater. What is now ShopRite, Staples, and Spirits Unlimited was the home of these relics that we miss.

  • 10

    Other Honorable Mentions:

    • Somebody that remembers Route 37 was only two lanes
    • Your friends are made of Giants, Jets, Eagles, Cowboys, and Steeler fans
    • When you got your fishing license from Bob Kislin's
    • You got your letter jacket at Wallach's
    • You took your driving test at the Armory off Oakridge Parkway

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