Do you have old, unwanted or unused medicine sitting in your cabinet at home? Well, put them all in a bag and head out Saturday and dispose of them on National Prescription Drug Takeback Day.

Monmouth County Sheriff Shaun Golden says the day is important but the reason for it is even more critical.

"This is just to draw attention to the fact that prescription drugs feed the opioid and heroin addiction the way we see it today," Golden said. "This is one important aspect of attacking that problem that we have in our communities with heroin and opioids."

Golden says this weekend's day of drop-offs is not a one time only trip you should make.

He encourages you to routinely clean-out your medicine cabinet.

"Having unused or unwanted prescription medications in and around the house is not good, particularly where our young adults are susceptible to abusing these prescription drugs can take advantage," Golden said.

He explains that it's better to be rid of something you don't need before it ends up in tempted hands.

"Take a look at that prescription bottle, did you finish it? You didn't. Did you really need it? Certainly somebody else doesn't have to get their hands on it and you're able to stop that, Golden said.

Golden says these pills are fueling the current heroin and opioid epidemic.

"We need to think about ways to intervene everyday or every week to get the message across that these prescription medications are dangerous," Golden said.

You can follow the sheriff's office as they hit the road this summer at different events and set up drop-off boxes.

"We were the first in the state of New Jersey in cooperation with the DEA to have a mobile drop box," Golden said. "Our office in cooperation with our mobile county government will be visiting locations that will be announced throughout the summer to have those unused, unwanted prescription medications dropped off safely."

For dropoff locations in Ocean County this Saturday, click here.

For dropoff locations in Monmouth County this Saturday, click here.

National Prescription Drug Take Back Day Flyer. (Monmouth County Sheriffs Office)
National Prescription Drug Take Back Day Flyer. (Monmouth County Sheriffs Office)

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