This could be the best thing you've seen all day! When I saw this and read this I was doing cartwheels. 

We love our leaves in the fall at the Jersey Shore, but what happens when they fall. We rake, and whatever town you live in - either bag them or put them out to the curb-  no matter what, we have to rake them and put them somewhere...or do we?

According to, officials from the National Wildlife Federation are urging us not to rake our leaves. Oh my word, "thank you".

Here are some reasons they give us for not raking our leaves:

Leaves on the ground are actually natural, it forms its own ecosystem.

Wildlife depends on the leaves for shelter and food.

Leaves actually are FREE fertilizer for the soil.

Fallen leaves are good for butterflies and birds.

Putting leaves in a plastic bag is not good for the environment and without blowing your leaves you are reducing pollution - a double whammy! backache the next morning, or hip ache, or arm ache from raking leaves!

CLICK HERE for the entire story!

So, rake or no rake this year?

This is what I think - let's sit back on a beautiful fall Saturday, watch those leaves fall, sip your tea, watch TV, and just relax because you don't have to rake those leaves!


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