A.K. Photography, flickr

So I'm wondering if the statement is true...growing up I always had a friend's Mom say to me, "You always have to wear comfortable shoes, it's the most important thing I'll tell you".

She would always say to me --Sue you're going to pay later on in life for those uncomfortable shoes you are wearing.  And I'm thinking she's right.  Now my knees hurt sometimes and my legs and feet and it's always when I wear bad shoes.  Now the bad shoes are always the ones we love..the cool ones, the ones that make our legs look hot. 

Public Domain Photos, flickr

But I'll tell you as I get a little older, sneakers feel a lot better then these hot shoes.  I always say to myself, "It's only for a couple of more hours." 

How do you feel about your shoes?  Does your body start hurting when you don't have comfy shoes on?  Is it true....Are comfy shoes everything?