New Jersey makes some pretty impressive "best of" lists.

From having one of the best hotels in the world, to the best beach in America, the Garden State gets lots of love when compared to our sister-states.

But how do we rank overall? 

Not "the best" this or "the most" that, but just head to head, state against state.

Well, US News & World Report set out to tackle that question, and ranked each state from #1 to #50.

They took 8 categories into consideration; Health Care, Education, Economy, Opportunity, Infrastructure, Crime & Corrections, Fiscal Stability, and Quality of Life. 

Our home state did really well in some categories, coming in at #2 for Education and #3 for Crime & Corrections.

But we lagged in others, with both Fiscal Stability and Quality of Life being harshly ranked as second to last for both at #49.


So, where do we come in overall?


So, according to US News & World Report, while we're above average, we don't crack the top 10.

Hooray for mediocrity?

For the record, the report lists Iowa at #1, which is ironic to me, whenever I want to describe a place as being totally unremarkable, I always seem to go with Des Moines. No offense, Iowa.

The last on the list? Louisiana pulls up the rear as #50.

So there you go, maybe a new state slogan - "Welcome to New Jersey, at least we're not Louisiana!"


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