My list of regrets could fill a 10-gallon bucket.  Among them is not saving every Hometown View segment I have done over more than 25 years.  Had I done so I would have written a book that might not have sold many copies but would have allowed me to leave a legacy to my grandson.  As it is I only have the last few years’ worth and while diving through the archives found this one from three years ago.  It’s amazing how not much has changed.

In case you haven’t noticed it there is a lot of hate in this world.  I mean we see and hear it everywhere from our own communities, state and country and of course across the globe.  It comes in all shapes and sizes, is spewed by people who pretend to be leaders and impacts most of us in one fashion or another.

Some of it comes from those who get a perverse feeling of power by flexing their vocal cords or using social media to insult and ridicule especially when it comes to sex, race, religion, education, politics…even the football team you root for.  People are identified not as men and women but whether they are from the right or left, rich or poor, sloppy or neat.  At times it seems we are wagering a class warfare that should have died with Karl Marx, the socialist and not one of the Marx Brothers.

Look I’m not advocating peace and love (although it would be nice) but it’s time to rail against those who just hate for the sake of hating and simply get their kicks from kicking others.  I clearly believe some of the blame has to be aimed at our so-called “leaders.”  Where is the example of true leadership that we can point to?  When you find it let me know.

We live in a world in which debates are waged in short sentences on social media and often reduced to personal attacks and insults instead of intelligent dialogue.  Don’t look for mainstream media to provide intelligence either…the way to make your point today is just shout down the other side when you don’t agree with them.

Sure you can have strong opinions but shouldn’t you at least respect the fact that not everyone feels like you do?

The world really would be a better place in nice guys finished first.



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