Yesterday my daughter flipped out because she found $40 bucks crumpled up in her sock drawer.  You would have thought that she hit the lotto.  She actually ran a victory lap around the house while taunting her little sister about her newfound wealth.  I can’t imagine if she was the lucky winner in Brick that won their share of $1.9M dollars off a Jersey Cash 5 lottery ticket!

The New Jersey lottery officials said there were three big winners this past Friday.  While winning the whole jackpot would be nice, sharing is caring.

It turns out that three winning tickets had to split the windfall.  One was sold in Toms River and another in Union County.

The original Jersey Cash 5 jackpot on Friday was $1,907,805.  So, If I were to indulge you with some ‘Shannon math” it looks like that would come out $635,935 each.  Now that’s a reason to do a victory lap!

Was it YOU?  Did you buy a ticket at the new Wawa at 1902 on Route 88?  If you happen to have a ticket in your hot little hand the winning numbers for that drawing were:  04, 12, 25, 29, and 34.  The XTRA number is 03.

After taxes, I gotta think we’re looking at least $400 grand right? That is totally life-changing.  I’m living through you lottery winners!  Share this story if you know anyone who bought a ticket in Toms River, Union or Brick!

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