We got duped. Instead of pineapples, it's our heads that are buried in the sand.

In our excitement about the possibility of pineapples growing at the beach, we didn't realize that the very well written article from The Bay Head Beacon was in fact satire.

So, no. Pineapples are NOT growing at your local beach. Sorry. But if you want to keep reading, you can find out all about what it might be like (if it was a real story).

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What? I had no clue. But I love pineapples.🍍🍍

Pineapples are expected to harvest this fall in Bay Head. How cool? Who knew you could even plant pineapples right on the beach? Thanks to the article in The Bay Head Beacon, we recently found this out right here on one of the many beautiful beaches here in Ocean County.

Local resident Keifer Apfel wanted to find out more about the dunes and what kinds of plants could grow there. Boy, he found out something exciting. The Department of Agriculture for Hawaii developed an edible, mini pineapple, that can be grown in sandy soil, that's ornamental (pretty to look at), and it helps prevents erosion.

This fruit is less sweet than a "big" pineapple, and goes by the commercial name Tiny Piney. It is less sweet than a full size pineapple, but has a unique, citrusy taste.

From The Bay Head Beacon and Keifer Apfel: "Two years ago I contacted the Tiny Piney company and asked if I could order some of their plants. When I told them what I wanted them for, they agreed to send them for free as long as we always refer to them as Tiny Pineys. They believe that it will help grow their brand if we are successful."

CLICK HERE to check out what the Tiny Piney looks like, it looks exactly like a pineapple. 🍍🍍

Keifer and the town of Bay Head got the go-ahead to plant the Tiny Pineys in the sand dunes in Bay Head and by the end of September they should be ready for harvest. How exciting, by the end of September Bay Head is hoping to have a "Tiny Piney Harvest Festival". Sounds like there could be a lot of fun with this festival...baking pies with Tiny Pineys, Tiny Piney jams, there's so much there to work with.

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