This week marks 10 years since the fire that destroyed 5 homes and damaged more than a dozen others.  I remember it was an unseasonably warm day so I went to Island Beach State Park with my guy who took the day off of work.  From the comfort of our beach chairs we saw the dark clouds of smoke in the distance.  Turning on WOBM, we soon learned of the horrible fire affecting a large section of Ocean County.

Having that fire hit so close to home prompted many of us to think.   What if the fire came into your neighborhood?  Or what if a fire starts in your kitchen or because of some faulty electric wiring?  Do you have a working fire extinguisher?  And do you know how to use it?  Writing this blog I realized that I am not prepared right now.  I didn't know we're supposed to check the charge of the device.  And I had forgotten about the acronym PASS.  Please watch this video so you can feel more informed and prepared.  I hope none of us ever has to deal with a fire, but if we do, it's good to know how to use an extinguisher.  (Of course, it some situations it may just be better to exit and call 911 and let the experts put out the flames.)


Safety officials suggest everyone have a fire escape route mapped out.  And they recommend home fire drills so everyone in the house can practice getting out.




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