Pine Barrens

Mysterious Hidden History In The Pine Barrens [Video]
I've wondered many times what lies down the mysterious paths that snake through the Pine Barrens. Beyond the roadways that cut through the state, the Pinelands have inspired plenty of tales and urban legends, but sometimes the truth is just as mysterious as the legends.
The Strange Pine Barrens Paths
For a lot of people who only know New Jersey from TV shows like "The Sopranos" and "Jersey Shore", the dense nature of the Pine Barrens can be a bit of a surprise.
But for those of us who live here and travel the area regularly, we know what the middle of the state…
Did The Big Pinelands Fire Make You More Prepared?
This week marks 10 years since the fire that destroyed 5 homes and damaged more than a dozen others.  I remember it was an unseasonably warm day so I went to Island Beach State Park with my guy who took the day off of work.  From the comfort of our beach chairs we saw the dark clouds of sm…

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