So after Yesterday's Mid-Term Elections, Republicans now control both the House and Senate .... Leaving President Obama alone in the White House. Many are applauding Governor Chris Christie and his ability to rally G-O-P voters to reclaim the Senate and Governors' Mansions around the Nation. Christie once again being the focus of National attention.

So here are some questions from last nights Election:

  • Did America send a message to President Obama ?
  • Did Governor Christie Help Bring Back The Republican Party Nationally?
  • Did The Ebola Scare Effect Voting?
  • Did National Security Threats Like "ISIS" Change Voters Minds?
  • Will The White House Get Anything Done In the Next Two Years?
  • Will Hillary Run?
  • Are You Worried With The Direction The Country Is Going ?


Sound Off! Post Your Thoughts Below In The Comments Section .....


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