Daddio's Grille will soon have another location in Toms River at the Ocean County Mall in the Food Court.

Daddio's is delicious. They are located at 10 Washington Street in Downtown Toms River and they have been apart of Toms River Downtown Night Out weekends throughout the summer. Daddio's Grille is a sandwich shop with so much more. They will have two locations now.

When they open their new place at the Food Court in the Ocean County Mall they promise to bring 7 "over the top" milkshakes. Oh, Hallelujah - check out these flavors from Daddio's Grille Facebook:


Daddios is introducing to the ocean county mall location opening soon our line of 7 “over the top milkshakes” we...

Posted by Daddio's Grille on Wednesday, July 8, 2020


Which one will you try first? Check this one our, I believe it looks like the "carnival" milkshake? Cotton candy? - From Daddio's Grille Facebook page:


The "carnival" milkshake looks good with cotton candy on it. Can you imagine your kids getting one of these and running around the mall, talk about a sugar high.

Daddio's Grille will join sbarro, Stewart's, Master Wok, and more in the food court at the Ocean County Mall. Daddio's Grille is coming soon. There's not date set on their Facebook page or webpage, except "soon".

Daddio's Grille, along with the milkshakes they'll have available at the mall, they'll have cheese burgers, cheese steaks, and so much more. If you've never eaten at Daddio's in Downtown Toms River, it's really good. It will be great to have a new restaurant in the food court. I think Daddio's Grille is a perfect fit.

Sue Moll
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