Chloe is hoping for her "purr"fect home!

Check out how friendly Chloe is in her video:

Chloe is a super friendly girl that refuses to divulge her age because she thinks you won't be interested in her if she does.  Records show that she is in her teens.....but don't tell her that!  It's hard enough being an all black cat, but put the label, "senior" on her, and she may as well forget it!  Chloe's been at Popcorn Park since 2015 when her owner passed away.  Her owner took excellent care of her and they were provided with a great deal of medical records, but they're unsure of the age that Chloe was when her owner adopted her.  Regardless, Chloe is healthy, happy, spunky, active, and she loves people and other cats!  She's mellow, mushy, and marvelously sweet.  She is always ready to greet you with a head-mush or a gentle leap onto your shoulders.  She would positively love to be a part of a great family in her "senior years".....(don't tell her we called it that!)

Popcorn Park Zoo, 1 Humane Way, Forked River, 609-693-1900
Popcorn Park Zoo, 1 Humane Way, Forked River, 609-693-1900

1 Humane Way

Forked River, NJ




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