Construction vehicles are taking up the parking area by the abandoned area on Rt. 9 in Pine Beach. I'm just hoping they're going to start doing something soon.

It's on Rt. 9 in Pine Beach in Berkeley Township across the Dunkin and Roy Rogers.

If you travel along Rt. 9 in Beachwood, Pine Beach, and Bayville you always see this "big" abandoned lot. Yes it was finally cleaned up several years ago. We deserve something great in this spot. And, it would really help clean up the look of Rt. 9 in this area.

The only happy thing in that spot was the Wunder Wiener, well we all know what happened there, that horrible accident, and from what I hear it's moving down a little bit more south on Rt. 9, so that won't be back in the abandoned lot.

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Something, oh please something, has to help this area on Rt. 9 to flourish in Berkeley Township. We would welcome it. Yes the traffic is bad along that area of Rt. 9, but I think we would all agree something there would bring jobs, and hopefully something we could all enjoy. Something nice would be restaurants, a shopping center, a park, etc.

I asked so many of you what you want to see there on Rt. 9 in Pine Beach / Beachwood, Berkeley Township. I always say Pine Beach, but possibly you know it as Beachwood. Here are so many of your answers and I agree with all of them:

Laura in Toms River says a Home Depot, Lowe's, or a Home Store of some sort.

Janey Ann in Beachwood would love an Applebee's or Friday's.

Lucy and Larry both wrote me from Bayville saying they'd love to see a park with a walking trail with many trees.

What do you want to see in this area on Rt. 9?

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