Can you believe that this mushy-meower was supposed to be released, to live his life as a "feral" cat? Calvin had plenty to say about that, and so did we. Calvin was found as a stray that took refuge in someone's shed and meowed until someone came to find him. We initially thought that Calvin was feral, so he was neutered, tipped and chipped, and was going to be released. However, when the Popcorn Park Zoo took him back, Calvin wanted no part of it. From the Popcorn Park Zoo,"Thankfully, we're not the kind of place that tosses a cat outside when they clearly want to be your pet and friend, and we have staff that are experienced at breaking through that little, "shyness barrier", and bringing forth the happy cat within." This is what makes the Popcorn Park Rescue Shelter so special. Calvin is a very happy cat that loves people and loves to get attention. And at just 3 years old, he has a lifetime ahead of him that he would love to spend with a family that will give him all the love and attention he deserves. He's fine with other cats and would love to meet you if you'll give him a chance.

Popcorn Park Zoo

Popcorn Park Zoo

1 Humane Way

Forked River, NJ


The Popcorn Park Zoo is OPEN but the Popcorn Park Rescue Shelter is closed due to Covid-19. Call 609-693-1900 to schedule your appointment to meet Calvin. Please make sure when you are meeting your next family member you bring everyone that lives in the house hold, including other cats and dogs.


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