A Middletown man came to the rescue of his neighbor on Morningside Avenue Wednesday morning whose home was on fire, according to the Middletown Township Fire Department.

Robert Clancy said he was putting out his recycling at the curb around 7:50 am when he noticed heavy dark smoke coming from 74-year old Richard Borucki's home.

Clancy said Borucki had just returned from a year long stay at a hospital from various ailments and needed the assistance of a walker to get around.

There were also no functioning smoke alarms in the home so Clancy knew he needed to do something right away.

Clancy then went through the front door, fought the smoke and found Borucki asleep.

He helped his neighbor outside to safety.

Clancy then went back in and got his walker.

Borucki further said had it not been for the heroic efforts from his neighbor Robert Clancy, he might not be alive.

"Mr. Robert Clancy demonstrated a heroic act of kindness under extreme conditions that lead to a successful and positive ending," Middletown Township Fire Department Chief Steve Schweizer said.

The Fire Chief said he also wishes to recognize Clancy's efforts and will forward the same to the mayor and council.

As for the fire itself, fire crews worked quickly to find the origin of the flames which was later located behind the closed door of a bedroom.

Middletown Township Fire Department Chief Schweizer said that when the door to the bedroom was breached, the fire flashed out the doorway and over the heads of the attack crews.

The fire was then pushed back into the bedroom as the ceiling in the bedroom collapsed to the floor.

Pockets of fire were located, but were quickly extinguished by the responding crews.

The main body of fire was declared knocked at 8:12 am.

The structure sustained fire damage to a bedroom, the adjoining rooms and smoke damage throughout.

No firefighter injuries were reported while crews were operating on scene.

All units operated safely under the supervision of Middletown Township Fire Department Chief Schweizer.

Twenty firefighters responded to the scene from three Middletown Township Fire Companies including the Safety and Air Units.

The companies who responded are East Keansburg, Port Monmouth and Belford Engine.

The origin and cause of this fire is under investigation by the Middletown Fire Marshal’s Office.

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