Thrill-seekers will use Samsung Gear VR headsets to battle giant, mutant spiders while they climb 41 stories and then plunge to Earth at speeds reaching 90 mph ~ Six Flags


It's the ride that's getting all the buzz at Six Flags in Jackson. It's the new Drop of Doom VR! According to officials at Six Flags it combines two thrills "extreme heights" and "spiders" .... and lets face it both can lead to some real screams! It's an all-new virtual reality experience which is coming to Zumanjaro, the world’s tallest and fastest drop ride, at Six Flags Great Adventure.


Six Flags
Six Flags


Are You daring enough to try the new Drop of Doom VR? The actual 41-story ascent and drop are transformed into 100 virtual stories while teetering on the edge of a helicopter. Interactive VR headsets allow guests to take aim and fire upon their massive spider attackers and compete against their friends for highest score, according to the latest from Six Flags. So see you in Jackson this Summer ... you may see me, but maybe not on DODVR lol



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