Love cats, then these cafes are for you.

They've become so popular over the last couple of years and we have some in New Jersey. I had no idea about these cat cafes that are taking over the US.


If you've ever wanted a cat or just want to pet a kitty without actually having one, this is the place to come to play with them, pet them, and hold them. Depending on where you live, maybe you're not allowed to have pets, a cat cafe just might make you smile.

What is a cat cafe'?

While you're enjoying a delicious pastry or your favorite cup of tea or coffee, you can cuddle with a cat. And, the best part you don't have to clean up after the cat or pay to take them to the vet. It's a perfect way to help you get through a tough day, head to the cat cafe'.

The first cat cafe' opened in Taiwan in 1998, according to

When you feel the need to unwind and just snuggle with a cat, head to the closest cat cafe' in New Jersey.

What's cool about these cafes, they usually work with local shelters and if there is a kitty you fall in love with, you can possibly adopt one of these cats in the cafe' and help a cat find a forever home. There are three cat cafe's in New Jersey.

Where are the cat cafes in New Jersey?

#1 - Jersey Shore - Catsbury Park Cafe - Asbury Park. Looking for some feline un, this is the place to check out. There are some local health regulations where the cafe' maintains space between the restaurant and the area where the cats are, but there's still plenty of kitty time.

Catsbury Park Cafe does work with local shelters and focus on older cats that are harder to find their forever homes.

#2 - PURRsonal Space - Palmyra. Families can enjoy a limited menu while playing with the adorable cats. Purrsonal Space works with local shelters and all guests visiting the cafe receive a handout about kitty "language". The handout is all about how we interact with cats.

#3 - Rahway Kitty Hall - Rahway. This cafe' sounds adorable. It's set up like a living room with sofas, coffee tables, and comfy furniture, according to Since opening in 2017, the cafe has averaged two to three adoptions each month.

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