Ok, this is where my science geekery goes into ludicrous mode - if the conditions are just right tonight (Friday night), we could see the Northern Lights (aka the Aurora Borealis) from right here in Ocean County.

Why tonight?

In a nutshell, a solar flare that our Sun belched out earlier this week will make its way to the Earth's atmosphere tonight, and that's the "stuff" that makes up the Aurora Borealis. The lights that we see come from, "collisions between electrically charged particles from the sun that enter the earth's atmosphere".

But, not to worry, this isn't the beginning of some sci-fi apocalypse movie scenario, the size of the March 20th solar flare could make conditions favorable for the Northern Lights to be visible this far south, quite a rarity.


How can we see the Northern Lights here in NJ?

First and foremost, get yourself somewhere dark. Like really dark. As far away from light pollution as possible.

Then, well, cross your fingers.

Remember, while this stuff is science, it's not a perfect science.

The University of Alaska Fairbanks is saying that Friday night and early Saturday morning will feature, "highly active auroral displays", but nobody can guarantee that we'll get a psychedelic light show here in the Garden State.

CNN's report also notes that the nearly-full moon will also add a good deal of light to the night sky, which could make seeing the display harder.

But hey, for a chance to see the Northern Lights and not have to make the trip way up north (and I'm not talking about the Poconos when I say "up north", this is Canadian-style "way up north"!), I say it's worth a shot!


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