Like many of you I have almost become immune to the stories about whether or not Russia played a part in last November’s presidential election and frankly I’m not all that concerned about what Donald Trump’s children did or did not know.

I assume at some point we will all know and can make our own judgements at that time but it seems like nine months after the election maybe it’s time to move forward and not backwards.  At times I feel like too much time is being spent on the past and not the future and maybe that’s naïve of me but it’s how I feel.

Recently I had a conversation with a good friend whose candidate was not elected President last November and for a moment we stopped talking about all the garbage from the past that seems to waste so much time and energy and focused instead on the future.

One of the main talking points brought up by then candidate Trump was improving our nation’s crumbling infrastructure and how if elected he would make a priority the repair and replacement of roads, bridges, tunnels, railways and airports.  He has talked about it in speeches over the last few months but like everything else Republicans and Democrats disagree over the president’s plan to get the work done.

Clearly we have massive problems in this country from health care to education and while infrastructure may not be at the top of the list for many it should be because things are falling apart.  For the most part over the last decade or two not enough time or money was invested into the future so we did not replace what was breaking but rather just repaired it and left the problem for another day.

That day is here and one only has to look at the disrepair of our roads, the problems at Penn Station, the massive headaches travelers face at airports and more to know that progress has to be made sooner than later.

If ever there was an issue that both sides should agree on this is it but as we know in Washington D.C. and even Trenton it does not work that way.  Just fill in that pot hole for now and leave the road repair for another day.



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