LACEY TOWNSHIP - Once you've graduated high school, staying in touch with classmates increases in difficulty, as careers, marriages and other life plans take over, and people sometimes move to far corners of the earth. Lacey Township school officials are taking steps to keep the old crowd - of all years - together.

Lacey Township High School
Lacey Township High School

Schools Superintendent Craig Wigley, and the Board of Ed, have added an exclusive alumni portal to the district's web page. They're now spreading the word to build the database.

Under Wigley's supervision, the Cherry HIll-based Alumni Channel is adding Lacey Township High School to its list of online meeting places for alumni. The company builds web-based environments for schools and nonprofit organizations.

The Alumni Channel will be an adjunct to Lacey's existing website, company officials said. The goal is to grow an alumni support base for scholarships, foundations and similar programs. But it is also designed to be a place in which alumni can mingle, communicate, and follow school events - something like a custom-tailored, LTHS-only type of Facebook.

A portal on the district web site allows alumni to maintain profile information which can then be used to update the master database. Alumni Channel's Chris Gehringer enthused that Lacey is taking a "leadership position" in alumni relations and connections.

"Having a professional appearance to your alumni organization is just one more step in building lasting relationships with alumni/supporters," Gehringer said.

The big objective now is to build web traffic. The district is using a handful of e-mail addresses on hand to start an integrated marketing campaign. If you're a Lacey Township High School graduate, regardless of year, or know someone who is, pass the word - and the URL ( - along.

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