Back in the fall we told you that a new QuickChek will be coming to Brick right at the intersection of Brick Boulevard and Route 70 in the not too distant future.

The only question is, of course, when in the future? Well, we have a better idea now.

It's actually kind of funny how I came across the information.

Yesterday, I needed gas and figured I'd grab lunch while I was at it, so I stopped by the QuickChek on New Hampshire Ave in Lakewood.

There was clearly some kind of corporate visit happening, as the place was filled with men and women in suits and name tags, all gathered in groups, pointing, taking notes, and nodding in agreement.

So I did what any curious customer would do - I barged in and interrupted.

I figured the worst that would happen would be that I'd get a dirty look and be asked to leave.

But to their credit, after I asked when the new QuickChek in Brick will be opening, they answered.

According to the QuickChek officials, mid to late July is the target to cut the ribbon.

Now, of course we're still four months away from then, and things could change in the next 12+ weeks. But if you were wondering for yourself, it's looking like mid-summer is the goal.

Are you looking forward to the new location, or do you think it'll cause traffic issues? Weigh in on the comments section and let us know!


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