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In a recent Patch  article, it appears that one more school district in Ocean County is getting closer to "normal".

Officials in Brick Township are saying that Brick Schools  hope to be "in" school 4 out of 5 days a week by the end of next month.  Superintendent Thomas Farrell indicated at a recent Board of Education meeting that a shift to 4 days "in-person" for grades .... kindergarten through fifth grade is the next step for Brick Schools in returning all of their students to "in-person" education in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Farrell added that Kindergarten to second grade will move to four days first, then third through fifth grades will follow.

In addition Superintendent Thomas Farrell added that middle school and high school students are hopefully going to move to 4 days a week "in-person" schooling also by the end of November. Eventually Brick officials hope to have a full 5 day a week in-person schooling schedule back in place for students in Brick Township.

Farrell urged parents, students and staff to not spread or seek information about the schools on social media.

How do YOU feel? Is it time for kids to get back to school?

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