If you've driven Brick Boulevard or Cedarbridge Avenue lately, you've probably seen the new construction taking over the southeast side of Brick Plaza, where Sports Authority used to be.

Brick Plaza Construction (Photo by Justin Louis)
Brick Plaza Construction (Photo by Justin Louis)

Of course, Brick Plaza has undergone a lot of changes in the last few years, starting with the opening of Chipotle in the summer of 2015, the closing of A&P later that year, and then the additions of Ulta Beauty, Home Goods, and Michael's since then.

Now, all eyes are on the opposite side of the plaza as the the parking area around the former Sports Authority gets expanded well into the parking lot for the future home of LA Fitness.

As recently as June, word was that October is the target date to open the fitness center, and if that's still the goal, you'd think that we'll be seeing the space take shape rapidly in the coming weeks. We'll of course keep an eye on it for you!


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