As I was out running my Sunday errands yesterday, I saw a sign that's become all too familiar in Ocean County - "Store Closing".

This time, it was the Pathmark in Brick.

The store has everything on clearance in preparation for a November 20th shuttering. It's all part of the A&P bankruptcy, which also includes the A&P in Brick Plaza on Chambersbridge Road.

Photo by Justin Louis
Photo by Justin Louis

A number of the company's stores throughout the region have been bought and taken over by grocery giants Stop & Shop and Acme, but the Brick locations are among those still without suitors. As a result, they're trying to reduce inventory ahead of the November 20th closure target.

It's just another in what seems like a trend of closing stores in the area, including the long operating Super Foodtown in Toms River, which closed over the Summer.

While we do have plenty of grocery shopping options here in Ocean County, it's the human toll that's sad, as many employees will be looking for work.

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