A conflict that led Brick Township Police to end band practice early at Brick Memorial High School Tuesday night is now resolved. Brick Schools Superintendent Walter Uszenski said they worked out an agreement with parents and Alexander Avenue residents that insures the quality of life of residents and preserves the need for band practice.

Uszenski said it's not a new issue. He said an agreement was forged earlier with residents and school officials that needed to be reviewed. Uszenski describes it as a miscommunication.

"There are homes and there are apartments around the school building and when the band practiced, sometimes it echoes off the building and goes right into their homes."

As part of the solution, Uszenski said they asked the band director to make changes to where the band practices the majority of time.

"So we've asked our band director to move our students down by the football field where it will muffle the sound and that the same houses aren't being affected all the time. If the football field is being used for a scrimmage or something, then they'll come up to the side and we would notify the people (area residents) to let them know for that particular day they may be up by their homes," Uszenski explained.

He said the residents didn't have a problem with the plan are are willing to meet them halfway.

Uszenski said they collected telephone numbers from residents so they can notify them in advance when practice would be near their homes. He added that they'll also be looking into changing the hours of band practice, which currently runs from 6 to 9 p.m. and making it earlier.

Early Wednesday, September 3rd, rumors persisted, upsetting students and band parents that the Brick Memorial Marching Band was being disbanded but those rumors are unfounded.

The Brick Memorial Marching Band has over 100 band members. Uszenski said they're excellent and he attributes the contribution of parents to its success.

"So it's quite large and it's growing and very successful and we're very proud of them," said Uszenski. "So they need that practice and we're trying everything possible to not only have the students practice in an area that's conducive for them but at the same time be cognizant of the people around the neighborhood."

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