Well, here's something you don't see everyday around Ocean County...it's a bear!

Stafford Police received a report this morning around 10:30 am about a black bear being seen near the Manahawkin Regal Cinema.

Stafford Township Patrol, Stafford Township Animal Control and the NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife went to the area and found the bear resting in a tree between the Regal Movie Theatre and McDonalds.

The bear eventually climbed down from the tree and walked west into the wooded area, appearing to head back in the direction of the Stafford Forge Wildlife Preserves, police said.

It was long after that when the bear was spotted in the Cedar Run section of town.

The Stafford Township Police Department and Stafford Township Animal Control are continuing to monitor the area closely.

"If seen, PLEASE STAY AWAY from the bear and report the sighting to the Stafford Township Police Department at 609-597-8581."


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