It really is incredible to think this actually happens. The legendary Joey Chestnut ate 76 hot dogs in 10 minutes at the most recent Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest. It was the competitive eater's 14th win at the annual event that takes place every July 4th. How insane is that?! The dude devours hot dogs for a living. Maybe he eats 77 hot dogs this coming summer!

If you were a competitive eater what would be your food of choice? Lou Russo from the Jersey Shore morning show on 94.3 The Point says he would like eating meatballs. For me, I would enjoy eating doughnuts at a rapid pace, especially if those donuts were from Uncle Dood's donuts in Toms River! Would you enjoy eating hotdogs? More below...

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You will definitely want a hot dog after scrolling through this article. One of the best Facebook groups I am a part of is Jersey Sandwich Joints. Over 30,000 members consistently post pictures of sandwiches that are made in the state of New Jersey. People write where the sandwich is from, and they usually give a review. Occasionally people argue about Pork Roll/Taylor Ham but for the most part, it's phenomenal sandwich recommendations.

Recently, someone started a hot dog thread. People went nuts! There were close to a thousand recommendations, and these are the top 15 most highly recommended places for hot dogs in New Jersey. Thanks to our friends at, make sure you enjoy a few hot dog fun facts below too!

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