🔵 These are some of the best bars in Ocean County and Monmouth County

🔵 It's based on scenery, drink menu, and good vibes and feedback

🔵 The Jersey Shore has a lot of great bars for a night out with family and friends

The Jersey Shore is home to all kinds of places for fun, great times, great beer and great memories being made on any given day or night.

How do you rank your favorite or go-to bar? Is it the variety of drinks, the room, the music playing or sports on TV?

Is it the service or location?

Or, is it just special because you always have a good time there with friends?

Photo credit: Google Maps
Photo credit: Google Maps

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Sometimes, your favorite beer or alcoholic beverage with family or friends by your side and a nice breeze waterside as the sun sets is the perfect way to enjoy an outdoor bar setting.

Wherever you choose to go and make some fun memories, always remember to do so responsibly and do not drink and drive, please find a designated driver.

🍺 Let's take a look at some of the best bar options in Ocean County and Monmouth County 🍻

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