Keeping things clean in Berkeley will get more financially palatable with the township receiving a $121,496.00 Clean Communities Grant from the state.

"The $121,496.00 Department of Environmental Protection Clean Communities Grant award is good news for Berkeley taxpayers and local non-profit, civic and community groups," Mayor Carmen Amato said. "The Township will use a portion of this grant to offset salaries of employees that clean and maintain our parks and beaches along with the funding of mini-grants to local non-profit civic and community groups that take advantage of our "Adopt a Spot" or "Adopt a Road" program."

The Township made some changes to the program this year local organizations need to know more about.

Any "Adopt a Spot" or "Adopt a Road" locations, for example, must be pre-approved through an application process and organizations will be limited to a maximum of two.

"This is an effort to accommodate as many local groups as possible and to ensure funds are available for the group." Mayor Amato said.

If the Township has left over funding, Amato says, groups can re-apply.

"Any non-profit civic or community group in the township that signs up to participate in our "Adopt a Spot" or "Adopt a Road" project can receive $500.00 for their organization." Mayor Amato said.

Any nonprofit organizations in Berkeley that want to participate in the program, should call the Public Works Department at 732-341-1022.

"It's a Win-Win situation for our Township. Nonprofit community groups take advantage of the funding and the township benefits that we are able to get areas of our town cleaned up." Mayor Amato said. "These clean-ups provide a valuable service in keeping our township clean. The funding also provides for equipment related to the clean-ups, education and enforcement of litter laws. We plan on using some of these groups to help tidy up our streets and areas along the maritime areas where remnants of Super Storm Sandy remain."

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