I started getting texts from my daughter's school letting us parents all know what they're doing with "Kindness Cash" and I am blown away with this idea.  I want to do it here on the radio.

I am so happy and proud of this school for doing it.  Here's how it works students, parents, teachers can all send "Kindness Cash" secretly to any student in the school.  It's all about a pay it forward, a compliment, or a thank you for something he or she did.

Abby received one and she was blown away.  It's so cool, she came home so excited and she has no idea who sent it to her.  I did not, so that means someone in her school thinks she did something really kind and nothing makes me prouder as a Mom.

This is awesome!  It's a way of recognizing special kids for going out of their way to be kind and making them feel proud and good about themselves.  It might help another student to really try to get one.  I love this, BTES!

Selected compliments or thank yous will be read over the loud speaker!

Does your school do this?  Something like it?  Is it something we can try on the radio?   I'd really love to recognize all the kids throughout Ocean and Monmouth Counties that are making a difference with their KINDNESS!

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